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Little River development

Updated: Apr 4

The day in the life of a General Contractor at Little River Development starts off early in the morning. Your alarm clock goes off then you jump up out of bed put on your clothes, boots then head out the door. Next stop along the way to the office is coffee, maybe a little bite to eat as well.

You pull up to the office unlock the doors and go inside to get together all, tools, and any essential paperwork you might need for the day. Then you head out to your job, it could be anything from a deck build, roof, a complete renovation, to a new home build. Along the way you might have to make a trip to any number of building supply stores to get the project materials you need for the day.

Usually you have all of the jobs lined up for that week , so you generally know ahead of time what you will be doing that week. You throw in a couple estimates for potential new jobs over the duration of the work days before or after the work day is done, in hopes to get more work lined up for future weeks, months ahead. Not every estimate you go on will lead to a job, its really all about what the job entails, also the initial communication process between you and said potential customer. But most importantly if the job being asked to do is reasonable and price fitting.

The end of the day is the same as the beginning but backwards, you finish the job your currently working on for the day, head back to the office, drop off all tools you had picked up in the morning for the job, back at the office. Write up any proposals you might have from your estimates and all remaining paperwork. Once that is all submitted , you clean up your desk area for the day , check the calendar for tomorrow, close up the office and head home.

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