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Time for a Tiling Makeover: Outdated Trends to Ditch

Tiles are a bit like fashion; what was in vogue a few decades ago now screams "dated." Remember those red rooster tiles in the kitchen? Or how about the pastel bathroom tiles that shout 1980s? Like bell-bottoms, tile trends have moments of glory before they fade into the background. If your kitchen or bathrooms feel out of touch, it may be due to those once-trendy tiles that are now dragging down your home's style.

Curious if your spaces are victims of outdated trends? Let's dive into five tile styles that are ready for a refresh and how Little River Development can elevate your kitchen & bath remodeling project.

The Subway Tile Saga

Subway tiles have been the darling of kitchen and bath design for years, but their standard white, brick-pattern layout has lost its luster. If your heart still belongs to subway tiles, why not spice things up with a vertical herringbone pattern instead? It's a twist that keeps the simplicity but adds a punch of modernity.

Pastel Puzzles

Pastels have a tricky way of dating a space. If your tiles are rocking a muted pink, teal, or powder blue from yesteryears, it's time for a change. Today's trends lean towards richer, more nuanced colors like dusty mauve, moss green, and cerulean blue. It's all about bold and vibrant now, leaving those soft pastels in the dust.

The Glossy Tile Glare

Once upon a time, glossy glass tiles were all the rage, known for their shine and ease of cleaning. However, they now come off as a bit too flashy or juvenile. If you're fond of your color scheme but want to modernize, consider switching to a matte finish. It's an easy update that can dramatically alter the vibe of your space.

Mosaic Mayhem

Mosaic tile accent strips used to be the go-to for adding a splash of color and interest. But, like all trends, their time has come and gone. Instead of the busy mosaic look, opt for solid colors or tiles with artistic designs. It's a subtle yet effective way to keep your space looking contemporary.

The Whiteout

The all-white look phases in and out of popularity, and currently, it's on the way out. While clean and crisp, an all-white kitchen or bathroom can feel a bit too sterile. Introducing color, patterns, or even jewel tones can break up the monotony and breathe new life into your space.

Remodel with Little River Developement

Eager to ditch the outdated and embrace the new? Little River is your go-to for kitchen & bath remodeling. We're here to guide you through the latest trends and help you make selections that will transform your kitchen and bathrooms. 

Contact us now to schedule your free kitchen remodeling consultation.

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